Demlas Data and Metadata management system

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The metadata portal is developed using openlayers 3 open API and provides basic functionalities to search, display, browse and evaluate metadata. 


User can use either full-text or spatial search defining the Point Of Interest by clicking on the map (Figure 1).



Figure 1 Searching options - full-text and spatial by POI identified by clicking on the map

Displaying, browsing and evaluating

Once the query has been sent to the back-end geonetwork server the modal window appears and display a list of results provided by the server (Figure 2).

Geonetwork metadata list

Figure 2 Metadata result list

User can can click on a record and display detailed metadata. In addition, if any related metadata available, user can browse through them, e.g. DPKC (PDF) -> Georef dataset (GeoTIFF) -> Data service  (OGC WMS) and vice versa (Figure 3). 


Figure 3 Browsing related metadata records

Downloading data

The last step is to get the actual data. Each metadata record about georeferenced map contains link  to the original dataset in GeoTIFF format published via Web Coverage Service (WCS). In addition, respective scanned dataset can be downloaded via simple HTTP web link . Additional information about cadastral data can be downloaded as PDF files . Each georeferenced dataset can be used in any GIS client application which can work with OGC services.  


Figure 4 Links to download the data